Go Grammarly!

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Go grammarly

On June 1, 2020, Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School started conducting the effective communicative skills training called “Go Grammarly!” as a part of Faculty Development Program. It has been organised by Ms. Anitha.N, the respected Principal of Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The main objective of this training is to fine-tune the basic grammar topics which help to fillip the communicative skills (LSRW). Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing are the pillars of our interpersonal skills and the greater our awareness on how it all works, the more effective our communication will become. Teachers are getting trained and they find it interesting and much needed. After covering each and every topic, on regular basis, the quiz is conducted in Google Classroom. It helps to self-evaluate themselves.

Author:  Ms. Anitha N, Principal MJC School