Code of conduct and schedule

Daily Schedule of students

Code of conduct

A cultured Code of Conduct is a time-honoured and long cherished tradition of the hostel. Every student is encouraged to observe the rules and regulations whole-heartedly and in right spirit.

  • Each student is expected to sincerely practise obedience and reverence to teachers and elders and mutual courtesy with the fellow students.
  • Students are expected to wear decent dress and maintain well-groomed hairstyle.
  • Maintaining silence during mass gatherings like assembly, in dining hall, inside classroom, inside Chapal etc. is expected from every student.
  • Punctuality is a must in the disciplined life pattern at the hostel. All students are expected to be in time for all sessions whether in school/college or in the hostel.
  • Leaving the hostel premises for any reason without explicit permission from the warden is not encouraged. Overnight stay outside the hostel is forbidden.
  • In the event of a student’s presence being absolutely required at home, other than during the vacation, he/she should furnish the following to the Warden along with the leave application:
    1. The requisition letter from the parent.
    2. Permission letter from the School authority / the Doctor-in-charge (in case, it is for health reasons).

       The Warden, then, at his discretion may permit the student to go home and return to the hostel within the stipulated time.

  • Parents / guardians alone are permitted to meet their wards between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Sundays only and not on any other holiday. No visitor is permitted to meet any student on working days.
  • Personal possession of Iron box, mobile phones, video games etc. is not allowed in the hostel.
  • All students are required to maintain high standard of personal cleanliness and room cleanliness as well as the cleanliness of the surroundings.
  • Students are not encouraged to keep any ready cash or valuables with them.