MJC – College of Arts & Science for Women – Coding Literacy Classes.

Coding Literacy Classes was inaugurated in Michael JobĀ  College of Arts & Science for Women, to prepare the student for a career by learning in-demand programming languages, on 9th September 2020. It is a unique opportunity for students to gain skills in web design, web development, graphic design, and video editing. The faculty renders hands-on experience and project-based computer aspects to the students to get their maximum involvement. All the second-year students are taught these Coding literacy classes by the Faculty of Computer Science. More than 150 students registered for the programme and are gaining the benefits of the same. Arrangements are made for the Sabina hostel students to take part in the particular programme. The students from Sabina engage themselves in coding with enthusiasm and all these students have an aspiration to become a technically strong programmer.

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