MJC – College of Arts & Science for Women – Collaboration with “THE AGARAM FOUNDATION”

Michael Job Center (MJC) is been continuously doing service in the field of education to the common people especially girls. Being able to travel with like-minded organizations such as “Agaram Foundation” to noble causes will be the impetus for achieving goals. At this juncture, Michael Job Center (MJC) has offered free education, free food, and free accommodation to around 50 girls. These girls had a passion for doing their higher studies but were unable to join a college due to their financial constraints. These students identified by Agaram were offered with prestigious Undergraduate programs at Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women (one of MJC’s Educational institutions) with free food and accommodation in its elite Sabina Hostel.

Short Introduction about Agaram Foundation:

Vision: “To bring about a significant positive change in the socio-economic status of the rural society by offering quality education to the deserving individual.” 

The foundation gained momentum in 2009 with significant contributions from the trustees and support extended by the Sponsors. They initiated the project “Vidhai” in 2010 with 160 students across all the districts in Tamilnadu. Since then every year they reach out to deserving students from most backward parts of the state and provide them with UG Education Sponsorship with the help of funds from Donors and seats provided by Institutions. They also groom them holistically with the help of their Volunteers and Mentors to transform them into confident, competent, and socially responsible individuals. They have made a difference in the lives of around 3500 deserving students to this date.

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