MJC – College of Arts & Science for Women – NSS Day Celebration

The NSS Unit has celebrated NSS day on 24 September 2021 with the theme of “Personal and Environmental Hygiene”  with great fervor and enthusiasm.

Dr.P.Tamil Selvi, NSS Programmme Officer welcomed the students and highlighted the importance of the NSS day celebration. Mrs. N.Nithya, YRC Programme officer delivered the talk about hygienic ways of living in order to prevent the spread of diseases.

To achieve Physical Fitness and Mental Strength, the students and faculty assembled to take a fitness pledge and they attempted to walk 10,000 steps on the MJC campus. The students also formed a human chain to conserve water and protection of the environment. Subsequent to this, plantation and watering for plants were done by the NSS Volunteers.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Ms.P.Tamil Selvi, NSS Programme Officer.

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