MJC – College of Arts & Science for Women – Teacher’s Day Celebration

Teacher’s Day is reminiscent of all those teachers who influence our lives profoundly and bring back nostalgic and sweet memories. Amidst the pandemic, the college celebrated this day with great enthusiasm through Google Meet on 06 September 2021 at 2:00 pm. The program was organized for the teachers by the students, in which they engaged themselves in unbridled capacity to shower love, admiration, and respect to their teachers through song, dance, and by conveying regards from their homes. Principal Dr.T.H.Nazeema greeted the staff of MJC and also lauded the teachers for their commitment to education, dedication, and sincere efforts. She also encouraged the teachers to draw out the best in their students. After that, the quiz was arranged for the teachers. This game was enjoyed a lot by every teacher and all teachers participated in the same. The program ended with a vote of thanks which was given by students in the organizing committee.

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