MJC – Digital Talk Series – “I Believe I Can Fly” with Mr. Markus Zürcher.

Mr. Markus Zürcher
Founder and President, Hope for Girls – India.

Mr. Markus Zürcher, Founder & President of “Hope for Girls – India” – a Swiss Organisation closely supporting MJC since its inception. He is a Senior Vice-Président and Executive Officer at Winterthur Insurance Company and AXA Insurance (AXA Technology Services), responsible for IT User Services for 20000 seats in Switzerland & UK Risk and Compliance Officer. He is Coaching & Mentoring for people in Leadership positions. He holds an MBA from St.Gallen University, Switzerland and Studies of Advanced Management from University of California Berkeley, U.S .

Mrs. Barbara Zürcher, Medical Assistant and working as a Coach for Women.

To watch the session click here…

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