MJC – Distribution of Fruits and Kashayam to the students residing in Sabina Hostel

The pandemic has taught us that health should be our main priority because if we lack health, then we will lose everything else. Hence, we at Michael Job Centre have been providing a healthy diet with beneficial add-ons to the students to boost their immune system and make them resilient to harmful diseases. 

The students receive Kashayam regularly. Kashayam has been proven to be an active contributor in improving the immune system and warding off illnesses. Kashayam is prepared internally; therefore, there is no adulteration. Besides Kashayam, the students have been receiving fruits like bananas and mango to keep them healthy and strong during these dismal times. 

We are also providing the students and supporting staff members with masks and sanitizers on a regular basis to maintain an atmosphere of safety and hygiene.

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