MJC – School: Comprehensive Programme to Master 21st Century

The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report suggested that soft skills and people management would be among the most critical skills required at the workplace and to excel in life as a whole. The lack of soft skills can limit potential and lead to one’s downfall at work and in life in general. Developing them has become a vital part of a students’ life. Therefore, the students of Class XII at Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School are attending Soft Skills Training Classes to enhance all the skills they need in this post-covid world in the 21st century. 

The students have been enrolled in the ‘Comprehensive Programme to Master 21st Century” conducted by Ms. Ashwathi Ashokan, a certified Soft Skill Trainer. The series of sessions include Public Speaking Skills, Goal Setting, Time management, Stress Management, Body Language and Etiquette, Critical Thinking, and Confidence building. The programme aims to prepare the students for their young adulthood and adulthood, where they will face many challenges and they will require soft skills to overcome those challenges. The course also aims to give them the skill set to acquire and realize their dreams and find a way to traverse through the journey of their choice. 

Ms. Ashwathi uses modern techniques to educate the students by using the Intelligent Interactive Boards that are already present in the school. She uses colourful PPT’s, videos, and pictures to garner and retain the attention of the students. The classes are highly interactive as she involves the students in activities and small tasks, which is symbolic of the topic that is being taught in the class. 

The course has successfully created an atmosphere where the students have indulged themselves in dialogues and conversations revolving around the importance of the said soft skills. 

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