MJC School – Lend A Hand’s Skill Development Programme

Lend a Hand – a fruitful and complementary skill development programme that would enhance the innate skills of school children. As it would add weightage and value to the normal curriculum. MJC wished to initiate this skill development programme from class VIII to X, though the actual programme is designed for classes IX and X.

This programme is designed with various projects / practical sessions, hence the teachers were to be trained on the syllabus and structure of this programme. With the initiation of our Vice Chairman Mr.T.K.Koshy, this orientation was given to the teachers on November 6th, 2020. Before the session, the teachers were given the basic knowledge of the programme and the importance of it to the school children. Therefore, a session was organized online on November 6th, 2020, headed by Mr. Sankit Patil.

It was a 4 hours session that detailed the curriculum, structure, and the practical part. The teachers were given a detailed session on “Cookery, First Aid, Tailoring and Gardening”. The session gave a clear idea to the teachers how it could be blended with the state curriculum. After the schools get to their normal situation, MJC would initiate “Gardening, Cookery, Tailoring, and First Aid” as we have resources available on the campus. Currently, the teachers are getting thorough with the curriculum and soon they will contribute to bringing in skill-based Education. Thanks to Mr. Sankit Patil and the team.

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