MJC welcomes our Alumni Roja Jasmine back as our Faculty member

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I am Roja Jasmine. I came to Michael job centre after my father was brutally murdered in 2003. It was very difficult for my family to continue in life after the death of my father. What complicated our hardship was that our family was also in debt as we had borrowed significant funds for my father’s treatment. Our financial and emotional condition was in disarray and none of our relatives were willing to help due to the fear that they might incur the wrath of those who had murdered my father.We were totally alienated.

Our local pastor was helping us spiritually and knew that we were in dire straits. It was at this time that he told us about MJC and spoke to Dr. Job about me. I consider myself very fortunate that Dr.Job welcomed me with open arms. I started my journey at MJC when I was in 5th grade. In the ensuing years, I finished my 12th grade and then moved to the Michael Job Memorial College of Arts and Science for undergraduate study. After I graduated with a degree in B.A (English Literature), I went on to study B. Ed at the Michael Job College of Education. I have currently been absorbed as a faculty in Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School. At the same time, I hope to continue my studies and acquire a Master’s in English Literature.

MJC has changed my life and I am very grateful for the opportunity to give something back to my alma mater as I groom the children studying at the campus. This job has also allowed me to become independent financially and support my family. Most importantly, the environment at Michael Job Centre has taught to live life in a better way. I hope that my life will be a lamp that spreads the light of education to the poor and needy. Greatly inspired by my mentor, Dr. Job, I want to follow in his footsteps and become an aid to the deprived section of society.

MJC welcomes Roja Jasmine back as a faculty member. She epitomizes the long held dream of Dr. Job of creating a sustainable system of life and resources for MJC.