I am Rebecca, born in a small town called Lamka (Manipur). My father passed away when I was 5-years old. I have only a faint memory of him. But I remember my mother very well because she passed away when I was 15. I could study only till the second standard and then I dropped out. 

The world suddenly changed when I came to MJC for underprivileged girls. It was amazing, and every day was a different day. We were the first batch of 30 girls admitted to the centre. The year was 2000. I am a god fearing person because of what my mother taught me.  I am happy for the difference MJC has made for me.

My aim is to be able to serve the poor and engage myself in social service. Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi are my icons.  


I am Magdalene. I am from Jalpaijuiri, West Bengal. My father and mother passed away within a span of two years. I was just 6 when my father died. I studied till Class III but was unable to continue my education.

In 2005, life changed for me when I joined MJC. I was 11 years old. Then I got lots of friends many of them became my good friends. Sometimes girls fight for fun and we do and we enjoy it. I had difficulty in studies; but with the help of my seniors, I overcame my problems. 

I want to be a lawyer one day and help poor people who cannot get justice. Like my Didi, I too like Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi.  I hope one day I will be able to do a bit of what they did for poor people.