Online and Physical Classes in Sabina Hostel

Online and Physical Classes in Sabina Hostel

Corona Virus has affected several domains of a person’s day to day life. However, the one most affected is academia. Schools and Colleges are shut down due to the pandemic, and it is proving to be a hurdle in the lives of several students all around the world. Michael Job Institutions took the initiative to bring the school to the residence of the students as it will help them gain knowledge without any hindrances. 

The students of the tenth and twelfth grade started their physical classes in the month of April after several senior students volunteered to teach them their subjects. The classes were set up in the study halls, and the students started attending the classes like their regular classes in the school. The classes were taken by Ms. Jeevitha and Ms. Poonam Naresh, Gill Cindy Chingthianmawi, Kajal Gill, Smruti Priya Digal, Pratibha Nayak, Priti Rai and Anne Joseph. Tests were taken on regular intervals to ensure proper and effective learning amongst the students. All their classes are taken from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm with ample amount of break time in between. 

By the month of June, classes commenced for all the students in the hostel, and the classes were an amalgamation of virtual and physical classes.  Several rooms in the Ground Floor were converted into computer rooms for the commencement of the classes. The senior students in the hostel who have completed 12th Grade have volunteered to teach the junior classes, and they also help them to operate the Diksha Programme which is installed on all the computers. These classes were taken by Chandrika, Anushka Minj, Soniya Singh, Blessy Digal, Anisha Toppo, Sheeba, Joice, Prena Rai, Chelsea Ngaihlemsiam, Rupa Oraon, Audrey Kimnemchoi, Sanjeeta Raita, Mahima Lohar, Satika Pradhan, Reshma Nayak,  Napthalini Pradhan and Simran Shub. These Diksha classes are helping the students to bridge the gap between the theory and comprehension. The physical classes help them to clear their doubts through the expertise and experience of the senior girls. All the classes are taken from 9:30 am to 4 pm with substantial break time in between. 

The college students are attending only online classes where assignments are given by their teachers through Google Classroom. The shift to the online platform has helped them to increase their typing speed alongside acquiring their textbook knowledge. The classes are supervised by Ms Shilpah Seetharaman. The classes are taken from  7 am to 8 am, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The college girls also attend the evening webinar which is organised by Michael Job College of Arts and Science at 5:00 pm every day. 

On the weekends, the college students have computer practical class which is taken by Anne Joseph. The classes are styled to be an amalgamation of 40% lecture and 60% practical in nature. The college students are divided into batches, and the classes are conducted batch-wise on the weekends. 

All in all, the classes are going smoothly, and there are no hindrances when the part of acquiring knowledge is taken into consideration. The students are very thankful to the management for giving them the best of the facilities, and to ensure a systematic process in this time of chaos. Herewith attached are a few photos which will help in the visualisation of the online/physical classes conducted in the Sabina Hostel.

Author: Anne Joseph, Faculty MJC School

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