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MJC - Empowering the Girl Child

MJC is a centre of academic excellence set up in Sulur, Coimbatore, where girl children coming from economically challenged families and diverse backgrounds learn shoulder to shoulder with their more privileged peers, emerging as empowered citizens of the world.

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MJC - Empowering the Girl Child

MJC provides education to more than 1,100 students coming from 15 states of India making MJC a crucible that integrates diverse cultures, languages, habits and practices.

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MJC - Empowering the Girl Child

MJC provides good quality education that mould the girl child to a responsible woman, that help her to acquire employable skills, that provide her an environment promoting value system founded on decency, honesty, humility and most of all faith in the almighty God.

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What we do?


MJC strives to transform the lives of children by educating them, enabling them to acquire employable skills and lead a respectful life; thereby transforming the child into confident young women, ready to take on their world.


MJC provides education to ~ 1,100 students & runs a hostel where ~ 350 children coming from economically challenged background stay while getting educated. MJC takes care of their education, clothing and food expenses


For holistic learning and sensitisation, and to enable children form their identity, MJC channelizes a lot of resources on co-curricular/ extracurricular activities such as art and craft, debating, stage performance, singing, dancing etc.

Our Institutions

The impact we have created

~ No. of girls

Who have graduated from our institutions, till date

~ No. of girls

Presently studying in our institutions

~ No. of girls

Presently stay at MJC campus and are under our care

MJC SCHOOL – “Intelligent Interactive Board – Training”

It’s our privilege to announce that  MJC- School is to be adapt a new digital approach in response to the teaching crisis during Covid -19. We propose to conduct the classes through the “Intelligent interactive boards (the latest smart boards)”  in the academic year of  2021 – 2022, We are...

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