Volunteers are an invaluable resource for us. Volunteers help us make new connections and gather support for our cause in unique and diverse ways. You could join us in this initiative in various ways:

  • Step into our classrooms and share your knowledge, experience and skills with our children. Interactions with volunteers from diverse backgrounds will assist in broadening their outlook and integrating with the society. You are welcome to stay at our campus and share our food
  • Teach any subject such as Maths, Science, English etc. and help children understand their subjects better.
  • Share your skills in art/ dance/ theatre to bring arts into a child’s learning
  • Tutor or mentor a child once a week on Sundays with the objective of bringing about behavioural transformation slowly and steadily.
  • Gift board games or educational aids to the children
  • Most of our students come from local language (Tamil) speaking families of remote/rural areas around Coimbatore. Thus, education in English becomes a challenge for most of our students in our institutions. You could help our students learn English. Any amount of time feasible to be spent by you is welcome.
  • You could help us in Fund raising for our institution. With tons of enthusiasm and wide network that you bring along, this is an area where we are specifically looking for ideas and support.
  • We believe that continuous engagement with the community and our stakeholders is critical for us to keep connected and bring about the transformation. You could help us in content writing for our website, news-letters, annual reports etc..
  • You could widen our reach by sharing our success stories and writing about our initiative across platforms and strengthen our social media presence.
  • You could be Ambassadors of the Cause and help us in enrolling more students from the under privileged backgrounds
  • We conduct various events and programs all-round the year. For example, we organise summer camps and Art camps every year in the month of May. You could join us at the camp and help in conducting and managing the various activities at the camp

You could help us to strengthen extra-curricular activities

Please do write to us at info@mjc.ac.in