You have the power to touch and transform lives like never before. MJC looks to engage individual donors, philanthropic foundations and corporate donors to contribute to its vision.

Social change cannot be dealt through honest effort or intent alone. It needs and deserves inspired and uncompromising competence on one hand, and adequate, sustained funding on the other. This is where MJC appeals to your generous and committed support. You can become a catalyst for social change by:

Sponsor a Child

Resources per year per student - INR 80,000 (Education: INR 43,000, Food: INR 20,000, Hostel: INR 17,000)

Celebrate with Us

Plan to celebrate with our children any happy occasion like birthday of your dear ones, marriage etc. by sponsoring a meal for the home for the underprivileged. (INR - Breakfast: 5,000, Lunch 15,000 and Dinner - 10,000)

Contribute to Endowment Funds

The endowment funds are used to support the hostel and education expenses for underprivileged children.

Sponsor a Teacher

You can sponsor teacher’s salary to help us improve the quality of education we give for the children. (INR 6,00,000 per annum)

Adopt a project

Adopt specific project and making a contribution to a particular cause